RH Builders is dedicated to you and we are passionate about helping you through each and every process. Don't forget this is suppose to be a fun, rewarding, and an exciting process and RH Builders is here to make that a reality for you. We do everything in our power to make your vision and dream a reality. We are here to assist you through design, building, budgets, contracts, and final closing procedures.We are committed to open communication, trust, and overall satisfaction.

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Process 1. Contact Us!

Whether you have a vision in your head or don't know where to begin give RH Builders a call. During the beginning process we are here to answer any questions and discuss your concerns and options.

During this phase we will also begin to look at designs for your new dream home. Whether you want to select current designs that we have in place or customize your own plan we are here to help you.

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Process 2. Putting Together Your Forever


Let the fun begin! During Process 2 RH Builders will help you find a location for your new home. Whether you have land purchased or are looking for a piece of land we can help assist you through this process.

After a location is picked a financial budget sheet will be given to help sort and make plain the plans for your home. This part of the process is meant to help keep builder and client in the loop with purchases, spending, and other financial obligations.

Once a budget is set then customization's can begin for your forever home. Whether it be options, upgrades, or specialty items this is where your vision comes to life. Finalization's will be put into place and your dream home is one step closer to reality. 

Process 3. Seeing the Final Product!

During this process you will begin to see your vision actually come out of the ground. Building begins to happen and RH Builders is here to keep you informed every bit of the way. We pride ourselves on open and clear communication and invite you to be apart of this very exciting process.

Closing on your forever home is the final aspect of building and it its time to CELEBRATE!!!! RH Builders is here to wrap up and deliver your newly built home and celebrate with you. This is the time to showcase you hard work, time well spent, and overall completed dream.